The Mint Manual: If you want to do the big things in life – buy a home, start a family or save for retirement – you need to manage your money wisely.

But how do you do this? Using pen and paper is tedious and time consuming. You need an online tool to automate your finances. is the best personal finance app to do this. People love Mint because of its auto synchronization, budgeting, and mobile apps while on the go. Best of all it's free!

But Mint's features take a lot of time to learn, and most people just get by with the basics. This is where The Mint Manual comes in.

This eBook Will Help You...

  • Save Money

    Automate your finances and avoiding banking fees

  • Get Organized

    Create a budget and learn strategies to quickly organize your money.

  • Save Time

    Spend less time managing your money and paying your bills.

You get all the short-cuts to manage your money and get on with your life using

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Oh, and The Mint Manual is a PDF, so it’s easily readable on any computer or iOS/Android device.

The average overdraft fee is about $30, so The Mint Manual pays for itself after helping you dodge just one of those fees. The rest is pure gravy.

And since Mint is constantly improving, you get free updates for the life of the product.

Get months of learning in few hours, automate your finances, and spend less time worrying about your money.

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The Mint Manual is really meant for people who want to get the most out of Mint, but don’t want to spend dozens of hours learning the app.

Michelle S.
Michelle S. Making Sense of Cents

The Mint Manual includes everything you need to get started with or to perfect your usage.

Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. The Empowered Dollar
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